NY USAG Rules and Policies

USA Gymnastics strongly believes that developing and adhering to a background check policy and program is an integral to creating a best practice standard of athlete wellness and safety.

In an effort to assist gymnastics facilities in the creation of such policies USA Gymnastics and the National Center for Safety Initiatives provide USA Gymnastics Member Club the ability to begin a background check program in their clubs at a discounted rate.

The intent of the NCSI Club Background check program is to provide clubs the opportunity to screen individuals in their club who have no intention of becoming members of USA Gymnastics. Such as, office managers, volunteers, booster club members, etc.

Please note however, USA Gymnastics highly recommends that anyone within a gym that is currently a member, anyone who may become a member of USA Gymnastics, and/or intends to take educational courses through USA Gymnastics University, should go through the USA Gymnastics portal for the background check.

For more information on starting a background check program in your club please contact NCSI at (866) 833-7100 or by email at businessdevelopment@ncsisafe.com. When contacting please be sure to include your Member Club information to receive the discounted rate