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The New York Level 8 Team won the Regional Super Team Championships over the weekend, edging out Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The New York Level 7 Team won the Regional Super Team Championships over the weekend

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It Is with a very heavy heart that we mourn the passing of our level 9 gymnast from Gymnastics Unlimited, Brooke Walker – Click HERE

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Dear NYS Gymnastics We appreciate everyone’s support and patience during this time. We would like to provide the updates that we know as of today: All NY State Championship meets have been cancelled. We are working with meetmaker and USAG to determine the best way to handle meet registration refunds The entire network of NY State coaches, judges, gym owners, and state committee members understand and emphasize the amount of time, dedication, and devotion each and every gymnast puts into their sport on a daily basis throughout the year. We are heartbroken for these athletes and sympathize with the situation they are put in due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak in many of our communities. While we understand that competition disruption is not ideal, the health and well being of our athletes, spectators, coaches, judges, and volunteers must be our top priority. New York State, as always, will work together to stay united and positive during this time.
Robin Harper has received the 2019 New York State Service Award. 

Thank you to Robin for all her years of dedication and service to NYS Gymnastics!

Congratulations to Infiniti Elite…Region 6 JO Club of the Year!  

Infinity Elite were voted the NY state gym of the year, and also the Region 6 Regional gym of the year

Well Done coaches and athletes

There were 3 gymnastics clubs nominated for Xcel Club of the Year in 2019! The three clubs nominated were: Dutchess County Gymnastics, Kennett Gymnastics and Niagara Gymnastics. The criteria the the Xcel Club of the Year selection: 1. Sportsmanship as exhibited by the club’s coaches, gymnasts and parents.      a. Display professional behavior and attitudes      b. Support and help other clubs at meets by such things as helping set equipment, cheering for other teams performances, respecting the opinions of the judging officials and cooperating with meet directors and personnel. 2. The exhibits excellence of performance at the Xcel State Meet. 3. Participation in the growth and improvement of the Xcel Program in New York State through such things as volunteering at Xcel events, helping other clubs establish or improve their Xcel program or increasing the number of gymnasts in their own program. The winner of this year’s Xcel Club of the Year is Dutchess County Gymnastics.

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